DAAK Ritterschlag Tournament
Name of the Tournament
DAAK Ritterschlag Tournament
The DAAK Ritterschlag Tournament is mainly for all players, who have no experience about PBM (play by mail) gaming and who have only little experience with playing AA.
The ranking points of the DAAK AA50 ranking respectively the DAAK AA Revised ranking and the achieved tournament points are decisive who is allowed to play. Participants must have less than 1.000 points in the corresponding ranking, less than 100 tournament points in the corresponding play mode and less than 300 tournament points overall.
If possible an AA50 Ritterschlag as well as an AA Revised Ritterschlag will be held.
The purpose of the DAAK Ritterschlag Tournament is to get players better in playing Axis&Allies. Each participant can get a Mentor to their side, which will explain the game rules and concept. He will explain the functionality of the Dice Server ?Dicey?, the rules and some general strategies in order to enable the newie to play independently.

See time time-table

Entitled Players:
see above

Number of participants:
Min. 8


Standard, AA50, current AA50-rules 41-setup, with national objevtives, without research
Standard, AAR, current LHTR

Usage of Winmap or AABattleMap is mandatory (you will find it under Downloads).
The Finalmail has to include the starting income, the purchase, the combat movements, the combat results, the Non-Combat.Movements, the placement of the new units, the final income and the final map.

Max. Duration:
The first round will last 3 month, the following rounds 2 month per game (In case of an incomplete game a committee will evaluate the game situation, see Club Rules 9.5.5).
A move needs to be submitted at least every 3rd day.

Support in regards of rules, ambiguities or common questions can be given by the Mentor.
Prior to each game a Mentor can be assigned per game/player (a Mentor might help in multiple games).
A Mentor will contact each player by mail prior to the game to discuss the most important questions beforehand in order to support a smooth start of the game.
Thereafter each player contacts his mentor in case of questions.
Mentors will also check on the game progress using the game log. In case of stalls they will contact the players and the Tournament Leader by mail.

Absenteeism (Vacations):
In case of longer breaks (e.g. Vacation) players must inform their opponent and the Minister of Defense, in addition to the Tournament Leader and their respective Mentor!!!

Title "Winner of the DAAK Ritterschlag Tournament"

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