DAAK Team Cup

Name of Tournament:
DAAK Team Cup

The DAAK Team Cup is meant as an alternative to the other single tournaments, because one team consists of 5 players. The DAAK-Forum can be utilized to find team members and to form teams. During the tourney max. 2 players may be replaced by other players. You can freely create your own teams, but the Minister of Tournaments will decide on the admittance of a team in order to avoid "Super-teams", consisting only of top players. As a guideline the sum of ranking list points (highest points in AAR, 2nd, AA50 respectively) of all members should not exceed 6500 points. But the tournament leader will also consider external ranking lists and last but not least will use common sense when making a decision.

01. May every 2 years

Entitled Players:
All DAAK members

Number of Participants:
Min. 4 teams with 5 players

up to 12 teams: round robin
more teams: K.O.-System

One player for each of the following variants

AA2nd Standard
AA2nd LL
AAR Standard
AA50 Standard

Each team must have a team captain. The team captain is the contact person for the Minister of Tournaments. He is responsible the set of team each round and he has the privilege to create the team name. In case of round robin, two groups will be formed. The team with highest score in its group qualifies for the final.

Each win of a team member will score three points for the team.

If there is a draw, both teams score one point.

If more than one team has the highest score the following criteria decide:
- direct comparison
- points from AAR LL games
- number of Allies wins
- lower number of combat rounds to roll a ?1? as attacker in the first AAR LL game.

Standard + LL, 2nd Edition Rules+Clarification
AAR + AARLL, current LHTR + AAR-LL Rules of the DAAK
DAAK AA50 Rules.
The DAAK-Rules incl. DAAK-Clarifications will apply.
Usage of WinMap or AABattleMap is mandatory (located under Downloads).
The final mail has to include the starting income, the purchase, the combat movements, the combat results, the Non-Combat-Movements, the placement of the new units, the final income and the final map.

The teams are directed to be fair. Every team member has to play alone (the games are rated also in the rankings). Tabletalk in the message board is permitted, if no detailed tactical or strategic instructions are given.
The captain is also responsible for compliance to these rules.

Max. Duration:
Each round will last 2-3 months per game (depending on number of participiants). In case of an incomplete game a committee will evaluate the game situation, see Club Rules 9.5.5.
A move needs to be submitted at least every second (in exeptional cases every third) day.

Absenteeism (Vacations):
In case of longer breaks (e.g. Vacation) players must inform their opponent and the Minister of Defense, in addition to the Tournament Leader!!!

Title: "Winner of the DAAK Team Cup"

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