DAAK AA2nd LowLuck Tournament

Name of Tournament:
DAAK AA50 LowLuck Tournament

This Championship is dedicated to all AA50 players, who do not trust Dicey that much.

See time-table

Entitled Players:
All DAAK Members

Number of Participants:
Min. 8


The DAAK-Rules will apply
Usage of Winmap or AABattleMap is mandatory (you will find it under Downloads).
The Finalmail has to include the starting income, the purchase, the combat movements, the combat results, the Non-Combat Movements, the placement of the new units, the final income and the final map.

Max. Duration:
Each round will last 2.5 month per game. In case of an incomplete game a committee will evaluate the game situation, see Club Rules 9.5.5.
A move needs to be submitted at least every 3rd day.

Absenteeism (Vacations):
In case of longer breaks (e.g. Vacation) players must inform their opponent and the Minister of Defense, in addition to the Tournament Leader!!!

Title "Winner of the DAAK AA50 LowLuck Tournament?

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