Calculation Of Rating Points With TanHyp


Since the DAAK members vote in July 2002 the TanHyp System is used for calculating the rating points.
(TanHyp stands for hyperbolic tangent, a mathematical funktion)

Nonlinear pointbased system.
- Works similar to linear pointbased systems:
If you win a game you get a determined number of points, the better your opponnent the more points you can earn.
Your opponent always loses the points you gain.
- If your opponent is equal rated you can win 75 points.
- Maximum are 150 points. (This implements, that the better player would not get any points for a win.)
- Basis is 1000 points
- Difference to linear systems: Since the TanHyp funktion converges slowly to its minimum 0, high rated players get some points for wins against low rated, but only a few.
(See grafic)
This meets the expectation, because a high rated player will not lose to a newbie very often.

Formula (only if you are interested in math):
The formula is quite simple, since it has no definition by cases or things like that

S = 75 + 75 * tanh (d/300),

S: points for a win
d: difference of rating points of players (may be negative); d = your rating points your opponents rating points
The winner gets the points that are substracted from the loser.
And thats it ! If you want, you can calculate it with a pocket calculator or Excel.

Multiplayer games:
The rating of the best player of each team is used.

How newbies are rated:
Average players start with 1000 points, experienced players from other A&A clubs will get 1150 points and total newbies without online experience start with 850 points.