The DAAK mentor service
Not everyone is familiar with A&A and can start a game immediately. Some beginners might even fear to play at all, because they don't know how to start.

DAAK is prepared for you! We are offering a mentor program to guide you through the first steps into the A&A world.

The mentor's job is to support you, answer all your questions and he will even play a test game with you until you have gained the basic knowledge about A&A you need to get started.
Of course in order to support all beginners we need more than one mentor. Therefore all experienced members are encouraged to join our mentoring program.
By having more mentors we can train beginners more effectively and this will resuls in more people playing the game!

What is you job as a mentor?

You will be assigned to a new member and you have to support him as much as needed.
You should first introduce A&A and DAAK, then answer his questions and finally play some turns in a test game.
If you want to join our mentor program simply contact our drill sergeant

If you are in need of support please contact the same address and a mentor will be assigned to you.

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