Basic rules for A&A by Email

Before you can start

  • First you must be a club member with a valid email address!
  • The rules and the club rules should be read before the start playing. So errors and disputes can be avoided.

For new members, that feel uncertain about the rules or in general how to play by email, we have mentors available. Just contact our Recruiting and Instructing Officer!

Opponent wanted

There are two ways to look for an opponent

a) By direct challenge
b) By a general search in the menu option ?find opponent?

Start a game

After you found an opponent and you agreed on what to play and on the appropriate set of rules, you have to start the game under ?Diceserver ?.

Only by starting this way, it will counted for the ranking list


In order to compensate the disadvantage of the Axis powers in the standard game and to determine who plays which side, we use the "Bidding".
Both players enter a secret bid for the Axis powers, in the form of additional units and/or IPC's, into the Bid server. The player with the lower bid plays the Axis powers, with the bid he offered.
Exceptions are the optional rules (E.G. Kremlin).

In this section you have to enter the following:

a) How many IPCs you offer
b) Where you want to place the additional units.

The following rules apply:

  • additional naval forces in empty or already occupied sea-zones adjacent to own areas
  • additional land or air units in own starting territories
  • additional factories in own starting territories. These factories are not considered as starting factories, therefore they have a production limit according to the area value
  • additional IPC's as starting capital
  • no units may be placed into areas that belong to your oppoent

Example A&A Classic:
Hans offers 20 (1 tank + 1 infantry Libya, 4 infantry Eastern Europe)
Peter offers 21 (7 Inf Ukraine)
Hans, who offered only 20, wins the bid with the assigned units.

Example A&A Revised:
Katharina offers 9 (1 artillery Kwantung, 3IPC for Japan, 2IPC for Germany)
Frank offers 6 (2 infantry Libya)
Frank wins the bid and plays the axis.

 The major A&A clubs are playing exclusively using the "Bidding" system. It seems that the bid in A&A Classic is settled between 20-24, whereas in Revised it lays between 6-9. Before you bid you should first decide on a fundamental strategy. According to this strategy the additional units should be placed.

Play by Mail

Similat to chess the individual countries and the units as well are expressed using abbreviations. With that the clerical work is reduced to a minimum.
If it is your turn then simply choose the correct Dice-server(ADS, LowLuck, A&A Revised or Revised Low Luck) and enter the demanded data. The server sends then automatically the purchase, combat movement and the results to the players. By that way the results cannot be alterated. The turns should be documented with a map program

The appropriate map programs are available in our download area. The land abbreviations can also be found in that map programs.

At the end of a turn you have to send a ?final mail ?. This mail should contains a summary of the turn including:

Starting income
Combat movement + fights + results
Non-combat movements
Placement of the units

The saved map should be attached to this email.

The specification and an example of a complete turn can be found in the club rules chapter 3 and/or chapter 5.

Game end

When the game is over, you can mark it as ended in our dice-server. Automatically the ranking-list-points are updated.

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