Useful A&A Tools


ABattleMap 0.79

ABattleMap AA50 Module

AA Anniversary edition modules for ABattleMap 0.80

ABattleMap AA40 Global Modules (you need to choose one)

- Alpha2
- Alpha3
- 2nd edition

ABattleMap 1941 Module

ABattleMap 1942 second edition Module


A great windows version of an A&A Map
This program works well and saves the game status and can be seen as a worthy successor of McDBoard.
Nonetheless there are still a lot of McDBoard Users (DOS program) and there is no way but having both programs installed.

Map with abbreviations

A great map with abbreviations of all land and sea territories.
Works fine with all email games and saves a lot of typing.

A colored map with all abbreviations.

Great map with all abbreviations of land and sea territories.
And this map even shows the areas of the blowup boxes with more details.

A & A Combat Analysis

This is a DOS-program.
You can't make an OOL. There is a mistake, if there are defending subs an defending transporters.

Jason Bilbrey's AA Combat Simulator

Best LL simulator.
Is the only one which can LL and ADS.
Very much funktions, but not very nice in the way it shows the results.

A & A Battle Simulator

The best ADS Sim.
This one shows the results in a very good order. This program has no bugs. A very good OOL.

BOP Dice Simulator

Best Sim for variants.
This one can handle destroyer, artillery, marines,..and so on
No details, just shows the result of a battle
ADS (incl. Europe & Pacific), no OOL, SBR-are wrong for HB.


Lot of statistics.


Proton's AAR-Battle-Sim

AAR-LL Dice-Simulator.

AAR-LL Dice-Simulator.



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