Importance of air units

Air units are very expensive and therefore a purchase of air units makes only sense, if you know how to use their advantages. Their biggest advantage is their flexibility after proper positioning using their long range to cover a larger piece of the map. The units have a high benefit if they are used for country exchange, because with a minimal expense of land units you can get control over a determined country. Additional air units can be used to fortify strategically important positions, which are not in distance of ground units. Furthermore, after right positioning, air units can massively limit the opponent in their possibilities to move forward. This effect especially occurs to enemy?s naval movements.

Interestingly the first 1 to 3 air units have a high value, but afterwards the ratio of price to value is decreasing. However if a certain number of aircraft is reached the value is increasing dramatically again. This effect has its reason in suddenly threatening the opponent?s naval fleets. If you plan to purchase only a few aircrafts, fighters are the better choice because of their defense value. On the other hand if you plan to invest in many aircrafts, bombers have their advantages. Their long range, the higher attacking value, the possibility to fly strategic bombing raids and the chance to develop Heavy Bombers makes them superior to fighters and equals the higher price and the weaker defense soon.

Examples for an efficient placement of air units:
Japanese fighters in EGY:
- With their defense the axis are able to hold EGY for a long time against the allies
- Naval units which transport units to Africa via AZO are directly endangered
- The defense in WEU, GER and EEU can be calculated considering that Japanese fighters can support after the British attack in order to prevent a capture by US and/or Russia.

US-bomber in NOV:
- In this scenario the Japanese naval fleet movement is very limited because SJA, SCH and RED are in range from NOV. Therefore Japan is either forced to buy new naval units, not to operate his fleets independently anymore or to choose other, less optimal, landing zones like KWA.
- WEU, EEU and Germany itself are in range from NOV, too. Considering the Tech option this can lead to a break in the defense of Germany, especially with growing number of bombers.

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