A&A Abbreviations

General abbreviations:
A&A, AA - Axis and Allies
A&AR, AAR ? Axis and Allies Revised
A&AE, AAE ? Axis and Allies Europe
A&AP, AAP ? Axis and Allies Pacific

ADS ? Automatic Dice Server ? Tool for automatic and objective dice rolling

LL ? Low Luck ? Another dice server, used for the low luck games. Playing a low luck game, the luck factor influencing the game is reduced

Bid ? At the beginning of a game both players bid a certain amount of IPC. With these IPC units can be purchased prior to start and placed on the game board. The player with the lower bid wins and plays the axis.

OOL ? Order of Loss ? The OOL determines which units are removed first in case of loss. The standard OOL for land battles is Inf, Arm, Bmb, Ftr and for sea battles Trn, Sub, Ftr, AC, BB. As soon as bombers, subs or loaded transporters are among the defending units the attacker has to wait after the first round of attack for a response of the defender concerning the OOL. This rule does not apply, if the defender has given an OOL for the whole battle prior to start.

IPC ? Industrial Production Certificates ? Income
By example ?Ger 34/35? means that Germany has actually occupied countries on the board of a total value of 34 IPC and that Germany has right now 35 IPC to spend for the next round. The first number is updated at the end of every turn, whereas the second is only updated at the end of the own turn*. Usually both numbers are equal at the end of the own turn, except if not all money was spend.
*Exceptions are SBR ? IPC are deducted instantly

Unit abbreviations:
Inf ? infantry
Pz, Arm ? armor
Ari, Rtl ? artillery
Fla, AA ? anti aircraft gun
Fab, IC ? industrial complex
Jg, Ftr ? fighter
Bmb, Bmr ? bomber
Trn ? transporter
Ub, Sub ? submarines
Fzt, AC, CV ? air carrier, carrier vessel
SS, BS, BB ? battle ship
Zst, DD, Des ? destroyer
IT ? industrial technology
Ra, Ro ? rockets
SS ? super submarines
SBmb, Hbmr ? heavy bombers
J, Jet ? jet power
LR, LRA ? long range aircraft

Abbreviations for movement and attacks:
CM ? combat moves
NCM ? non combat moves
SBR ? strategic bombing raid: Instead of troops the bombers are attacking an IC. As result the defender may loose IPC.
KAAC ? kill at all cost - the attack continues regardless which and how many own units are destroyed
Save Air ? the attacker retreats as soon as own air units are hit or can be hit
RIO ? Retreat if Outnumbered ? the attacker retreats as soon as the number of the defending units is higher than the attacking units
vs ? versus
twol ? taken without losses
tk w ? taken with
cl w - cleared with
hld w ? hold with
rtr w ? retreat with
dam ? damage
att ? attacker
def ? defender
wd ? withdraw
rt ? retreat
blz ? blitz
ul ? unload
ld ? load
sbrd ? strategic bombing raid defense
sz ? sea zone
VC ? victory cities
NA ? national advantages
CAP ? combat air patrol
esc ? escort
amp ? amphibious assault
sb ? shore bombard
KJF ? kill Japan first
KGF ? kill Germany first

Land abbreviations:
All land abbreviations are located at the bottom of the site ?help for Pbm? or in the map programs downloadable from the same site.

Abbreviations for optional rules:
EWC ? East/West Canada ? There is no direct connection between West Canada and the Eastern Canada sea zone.
sbm ? submerge ? Subs have the option to retreat or to submerge if they are not already hit
NavO ? naval occupation ? It is possible to build new sea units even when the affected sea zone is occupied
AerRet ? Aerial Retreat ? Air units can retreat after any fulfilled battle round of an amp attack
Para ? Paratroop unit ? Bombers can transport and unload 1inf
ScEar ? Scorched Earth ? In case of loss of an AA or IC the defender can decide if the AA or the IC is destroyed
NoWeap ? No Weapon Development ? The game is played without the Weapon Development rules
NoInd ? No new Industries ? No new industries are allowed to build
Kami ? Kamikaze ? Ftr can attack regardless if there is a possible landing place
Pana ? One Panama Sea Zone ? The two panama sea zones are combined to one
AxAdv ? Axis Advantage ? Germany starts the game with Jet Power and Japan with Super Subs
RR ? Russia Restricted ? Russia is not allowed to attack in the first round
AAAA ? Always Active AA Gun ? Air units are also hit by AA guns during non combat movement
2HitBB ? Two Hit Battleship ? Battleships need two hits during one battle to be destroyed
More detailed information can be found at the site ?start game? under the link ?optional rules?.

Club abbreviations:
DAAK ? German Axis & Allies Club
GOA ? General of the Army ? Highest rank, which can be achieved by playing games
RL ? Ranking List
Pb(e)M ? Play by (e)Mail
FtF ? Face to Face
CD-Rom ? Playing using the A&A computer game
LHTR ? Larry Harris Tournament Rules (for A&AR)
AV ? Avalon Hill respectively Wizard/Hasbro

Miscellaneous terms and abbreviations:
Shuck ? shuck strategy ? US units are transported from WCa to Fin (or Alg, Spa), which works out within one turn if the transporters are located in NOR. Chuck ? chuck or shuck ? shuck is the noise of the ships transporting the units.

Power Bid ? All bid units are placed in one land (or continent) to strength one position instead of spreading the units.

Additional terms can be found in the ?strategy guide? under the topic ?Fundamental Definitions?.

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