The DAAK board

Legislature :

The DAAK board consists of three persons:

Pernaug President
Panther  1st Vicepresident
Blizzard 2nd Vicepresident

The DAAK board is elected by the members for a period of 2 years. Reelection of board members is indefinetly possible.

Prerequisites for candidates:

1. The candidate has been a member of the DAAK board or has worked in an equal position before.

2. The candidate did not desert within the past two years.

If there are less than three candidates with the stated prerequisites then members who only fulfill the second point may apply.

The president is elected first followed by the two vicepresidents in a combined election.
If a DAAK board member resigns the open position has to be filled within the next 4 weeks by reelection.

A constructive vote of no confidence can be proposed twice a year against the complete board or invidual members of the board.
The claim must be supported by minimum 25 members, who each have at least 5 finished games. For each deselected board member a new candiate has to be appointed.

The reelection has to take place within the next four weeks.

Executive :

The following Minister posts must be filled to maintain a regular gameplay :

Recruiting and Instructing Officer:

In charge : Algol

The R&I Officer stays in contact with new members and helps them find their way in DAAK.

Responsible for offering a mentor or training program for new members.

Supports the Tournament Director in executing the Ritterschlag-tourneys.

Vice-Recruiting and Instructing Officer:

In charge : Master of Fraternity

The Vice-R&I Officer supports the R&I Officer.

Webmaster :

In charge : Pernaug

The webmaster is responsible for the website and the database

Minister of Tournaments:

In charge : Blizzard

The Tournament Director coordinates all official DAAK tournaments.
He is responsible for the sign ups, tournaments explanations, invitations and the execution of the tournaments.

Vice Tournament Director:

In charge: Leo2

The Vice Tournament Director supports the Tournament Director.

Minister of Defence :

In charge : Fighter

The Minister of Defense is responsible for all rules questions.
He is reposnible for answering rules questions posted in the forum within a reasonable time.
He is responsible for keeping the DAAK Rules Clarifications correct and up to date.
He negociates in case of disputes between players.

Vice Ministers of Defense:

In charge: Panther and Andrew Jackson

The Vice Ministers of Defense are supporting the Minister of Defense.

These positions are either appointed by election or nominated by the DAAK committee. They are given to players who are a member for at least one year, have played at least 5 games and have never deserted from a game.

Of course these positions are demanding a certain responsibility from the member in charge.

Low-Luck Officer :

In charge : Blizzard

The Low-Luck Officer handles the questions concerning the Low-Luck variant of A&A. He ensures that the Low-Luck websites are up to date.


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